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  • The Latest News

    European Seminar on European Energy Policy (Tallinn)

    The Identity and Democracy Party organised a conference on EU energy policy in Tallinn on Saturday 26 November, with Martin Helme and German MEP Nicolaus Fest. The decisions taken by the European Union have accelerated the rise in energy prices and our dependence, with direct consequences for the citizens of EU member states. [Read More]

    Antwerp Declaration - June 2022

    The European continent stands without any doubt at an historic crossroads. Through the ‘Antwerp Declaration’, the European political party Identity and Democracy (ID Party) wants to underline the added value and superiority of the concept of national sovereignty. The cooperation of European member states within the European Union, since Brexit, has been characterised mainly and paradoxically by a far-reaching acceleration of centralisation and by the installation of a unitary state to replace the member states. The EU seizes every crisis to stealthily reinforce and speed up this evolution. This was the case with the coronavirus crisis, and it appears to be the case with the war in Ukraine as well. [Read More]

    Presentation of the magazine Eidos

    Gerolf Annemans presented the new ID Party magazine, Eidos, to MEPs in Strasbourg on 3 May 2022. The term "Eidos" comes from Plato's Greek conceptual and philosophical framework. Plato used it to designate the transcendent, the ideal image of our changing world.  The magazine aims to highlight ID Party events and relay the views of its members. Click here to read the magazine online       [Read More]

  • Platform


    The movement and the individual members of the political movement base their political project in conformity with the democratic principles and the charter of fundamental rights and therefore reject any past or present affiliation, connection or sympathy to any authoritarian or totalitarian project.


    The ID party is convinced that the sovereignty of states and peoples, relying on the cooperation between nations, and therefore reject any policy designed to create a supra-state or supra-national model. The opposition to any transfer of national sovereignty to supranational bodies and/or European institutions is one of the fundamental principles uniting members of the ID Party.


    The parties and individual MEPs of the ID Party base their political alliance on the preservation of the identity of the peoples and nations of Europe, in accordance with the specific characteristics of each people. The right to control and regulate immigration is thus a fundamental principle shared by the members of the ID Party.


    The parties and individual MEPs of the ID Party recognize each other’s right to defend their specific unique economic, social, cultural and territorial models. The ID Party seeks to preserve the diversity of the political projects of its members.


    The parties and individual MEPs base their political movement on defending individual freedoms and emphasising the particular importance of protecting freedom of speech amongst which digital freedoms which, today, are increasingly in jeopardy. political projects of its members.


    The ID Party considers that culture is the essence of all political action, and that only a cultural and scientific pedagogy can help to develop a political consciousness in the citizen.

  • Member Parties

    The Movement of Freedom and Direct Democracy – Tomio Okamura (SPD)

    Svoboda a přímá demokracie – Tomio Okamura (SPD) - is parliamentary party established in May 2015. Just after registration in June 2015 SPD attracted 9000 membership applications in the first three months, making the movement one of the largest political organisations in the Czech Republic.

    The Rassemblement National (RN)

    The Rassemblement National, which took over from the Front National in 2018, has established itself over the years as the leading party in France. Due to the two-round majority voting system, where traditional parties usually join forces to block it, its representation in the National Assembly remains below its real electoral strength, especially among the working classes.

    The Rassemblement National fights for more national sovereignty, a limitation of immigration, a strengthening of national security and a particular attention to the republican pact.

    Vlaams Belang

    Vlaams Belang has been established in the Flemish political landscape for several decades (since 2004 under this name), where it fights for an evolution towards the independence of Flanders, a fight against massive immigration that has changed the face of cities and villages and a desire to see a zero tolerance policy applied.

    The Vlaams Belang thus triumphed in the last legislative elections of 2019, under the impulse of its young president Tom Van Grieken, and became the second largest party in Belgium.


    Founded on 4 December 1989 following the merger of several regional autonomist movements in northern Italy, the Lega's main political objective was to make Italy a federal state.

    In this respect, it was able to adopt a constitutional reform in 2006, approved by the Parliament, which was unfortunately rejected in the subsequent referendum in all regions except Lombardy and Veneto.

    The party is now present throughout Italy and regularly participates in government.

    Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (FPÖ)

    The FPÖ is one of the oldest and strongest parties in Austria. It is represented in the national assembly, with 38 seats, and in all nine federal parliaments – some of them, in the regional government. Since 2005, the head of the party has been the Viennese-born Heinz Christian Strache, who took over the party ten years ago and led it to become the strongest party in Austria, currently with nearly 30 % in all polls. As of mid 2019, a new president has been assigned named Norbert Hofer.

    Nea Dexia

    NEA DEXIA (New Right) - is a right-wing political party, founded on 13 May 2016 by lawyer Failos Kranidiotis.

    On June 1, 2016, Failos Kranidiotis handed over the first official press conference at the Electra Palace Hotel in Athens, where he announced the party’s presidium and presented the 17 members of the National Council of the New Right.

    Nea Dexia calls for a strong national economy and the preservation of national identity where law, order, freedom, safe borders, safe neighborhoods and secure public spaces are the main goals.

    For Britain

    For Britain is a positive, pro-British, pro-democracy party, which believes in preserving the culture and values of the decent British majority, and passing these on to future generations. We believe in the democratic mandate of the people, and therefore demand the UK’s complete withdrawal from the European Union without further delay. We believe in truth, justice, and freedom. We seek to create a Britain where the rule of law is upheld, and justice prevails over political convenience. We will restore freedom of speech as the backbone of the democratic system. We sit neither on the Left nor the Right; we are the decent, fair, common sense majority whose voice has been ignored for too long.

    SME Rodina

    The party, whose name means "We are a family", was founded in 2015 by businessman Boris Kollar and is steadily gaining momentum in Slovak politics.

    The formation intends to overcome the traditional left-right divide and aims to be a shield for Slovak interests against both internal and external threats. It holds strong views against mass immigration and is conservative on societal and ethical issues.

    In the 2020 elections, it won more than 8% of the vote, which led to its entry into the government.

    Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond (EKRE)

    EKRE is an Estonian political party, led by Mart Helme, Estonian Minister of Interior. The party is a principled and bravely patriotic Estonian party with an unshakable mission to protect Estonian values and interests. EKRE is concerned about the education and health care in their country as well as the demography and immigration issues. In the 2019 Estonian parliamentary election the party gained 17.8% of the votes and increased its number of seats to 19.

    Lega Per Salvini Premier

    Lega per Salvini Premier is a confederal political movement constituted in the form of an unrecognized association whose purpose is the peaceful transformation of the Italian state into a modern federal state through democratic and electoral methods. Lega per Salvini Premier promotes and supports the freedom and sovereignty of peoples at European level.


    Chega, which in Portuguese means “enough !”, was created in 2019. When it first participated at the national level, the political party obtained a deputy in the person of its president.

    André Ventura was successively a professor of law at the Autonomous University of Lisbon, polemist and sports commentator, and finally a politician. He left the PSD (centre-right) in 2018.

    The Chega program revolves around the following points: defense of traditional Portuguese values, defense of a Europe of nations, establishment of a more direct democracy and at the service of citizens, a less intrusive state and fight against bureaucracy, lower tax charges, establishment of a fourth republic, reinstatement of effective prison sentences, justice reform and fight against corruption.

    Partij voor de Vrijheid

    The Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV, Party for Freedom) was founded in 2006 by Geert Wilders. The party's political line is marked by a fight against immigration and Islamism, which is corrupting Dutch society (to the point of wanting a ban on the construction of new mosques in the Netherlands and a ban on the Koran), and by a fierce criticism of the Dutch political class. On the economic front, the party is liberal.