« The Migration and Asylum Pact », presented by the European Commission on 23 September 2020 paves the way for an open-door policy for mass migration into Europe.

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The EU migration pact / the European submersion pact

« The Migration and Asylum Pact », presented by the European Commission on 23 September 2020 paves the way for an open-door policy for mass migration into Europe

Application of « the right to migration »

With this Migration Pact, the undemocratic, technocratic elites in Brussels will implement the principles announced in the undemocratic Marrakech Pact/UN´s Global Compact on Migration (December 2018) which erroneously proclaims that each person has a « right to migration ».

An immigration to colonise

Under the pretext of « improving the safety for migrants », the proposed « EU Migration and Asylum Pact »   will create the legal, logistic and political conditions to enable mass resettlement of populations, mainly from the developing world to the European continent. Based on the model of the Marrakech Pact/UN´s Global Compact on Migration, the Commission seeks to facilitate mass migration that will flood Europe on an unprecedented scale. The result will be the submersion of Europe by colonisation and the subsequent destabilisation and eventual extinction of the European nations and cultures.

Deliberate and organised submersion

The Migration Pact was conceived behind closed doors in the back rooms of the EU quarters in Brussels. Buried under hundreds of pages of inaccessible Brussels Newspeak and kept out of the public eye, the Migration Pact will be responsible for the demographic transformation of our entire continent.

The Migration Pact will change forever both the direction of Europe and the lives of all citizens of the European nations. Should the Pact be adopted, it will be the end of Europe. To stop the Migration Pact, the mobilisation of us all is required in order to confront the technocrats in Brussels.

The three pillars of the EU Migration Pact are to:

1 - Encourage immigration

Blurring the distinction between genuine refugees and economic migrants, and thus between legal and illegal immigration;

Extending the scope of « family reunion » with the result that admitting one migrant in fact means admitting his/her entire family;

Offering logistic support, such as the chartering of boats and planes, and providing support all along the migratory highway in order to organize the massive transfer of populations between continents; and

Decriminalising the illegal activities of NGOs that knowingly collaborate with smugglers and human traffickers, and are themselves a part of the human trafficking chain.

2- Discourage deportations of irregular/illegal migrants

Restricting the time during which deportation is permitted by European nations;

Applying automatic regularisation of the irregular/illegal migrant when deportation delays are exceeded; in other words allowing the illegal/irregular migrant to stay in the EU;

Establishing compulsory admission of migrants collected at sea (incidentally, creating a new "rescue" business); and

Banning European nations from putting pressure on countries of origin to readmit their citizens.

3 - Organising immigration

Compulsory relocation of migrants throughout the member states (Based on population size and GDP of the member state); and

Immediate entry into the EU for the sick, for families, and for minors under 12 years of age.

All of the above will result in more migration to Europe.

Migration: a subject, which is the exclusive domain of the European Union

The Pact prevents member states from pursuing more restrictive immigration policies and aims to submit the peoples of the European nations and their governments to the despotism of the European Commission.

We have handed over the keys of our house to the EU, who is now opening the gates without our consent, issuing an open invitation to the world to come and live in Europe.  We must reclaim or keys or end up swamped, submerged and ultimately homeless...

Commissioner for Home Affairs, Y Johansson – at the LIBE committee at the European Parliament 24 September 2020:

« Immigration is part of what makes our continent prosperous. We have a lot of immigration toward Europe and we need that. We need those people. Ours is an aging society.  However, we need to create new paths for legal immigration. Not only for skilled workers, but also for average or lowly qualified workers who want to come to the European Union …. »  

The immediate consequences of the Pact:

Potentially at least 68 million migrants from outside of Europe could establish themselves in EU member states over the next years, a majority coming from developing countries. Their arrival will cause:

The collapse of our welfare systems;

the end of Europe´s distinct cultures and civilisations with their own values and way of life;

The rise of parallel societies and “no go“ areas throughout Europe;

Mass unemployment and the worsening of the housing crisis;

The rise in delinquency and communitarianism related conflicts; and

The further advance of radical Islam in Europe and the spread of terrorism across the Continent, including attacks on civilians in Europe.

The Migration Pact is:

Anti-democratic: it is decided behind the backs and against the will of the majority in each of the European nations;

Based on a false narrative: mass-migration was never beneficial to the population of the destination country; migration is not the answer to an ageing population and mass-migration from developing countries to Europe will neither be beneficial neither for nations in Europe nor for the developing world;

Irreversible: this type of mass-migration is all about the resettlement of people who will not leave; and

Destructive: the sheer numbers of migrants will destroy the economic, social and cultural fabric of our nations that has taken Europeans thousands of years to develop.