New Pact on Migration and Asylum: one million Europeans can stop the flood!

The European Union cannot change the mindset of the people of European nations, so they have decided to replace the people of Europe!

With the new Pact on Migration and Asylum, presented on Wednesday 23 September, the European Commission is laying the foundations, without even consulting European citizens, for the biggest trafficking in human beings ever known to humankind. Read our press release

From migration to flooding

Following an alleged "right to migration" recognised without any legal basis in the Marrakesh Treaty/UN Global Compact for Migration, the European Commission will allow the transfer of tens of millions of migrants to Europe in the next two years.

The objective of the EU migration pact is to bring tens of millions of migrants to Europe, which is a declaration of war against our way of life, our welfare state, our internal security, our liberal society and Europe's culture and history.

Death of the European welfare state

The EU is presenting a new liberal pact on migration when we know that migration does not generally benefit our societies, neither culturally nor financially. Many immigrants will, or will have to live for a long time, often for life, depending on social assistance. No European social protection system will survive the EU's migration pact because it allows massive immigration and secretly sets up family reunification extended to siblings, half-siblings and their dependants.

Europeans, wake up!

For the nations of Europe, this flood, planned and organised, heralds an irreversible change in our demographics, economy, security and cultures, as well as a destabilisation of our societies and de-Europeanisation. We Europeans oppose the European Commission's plan to destroy Europe; we are working to preserve Europe's heritage, traditions and nations. The EU seeks to blur the distinction between economic migrants and asylum seekers, eventually allowing the whole world to migrate to Europe; however, the solutions to the problems that have led to mass migration are not to be found in Europe.

Power lies with the people
With the launch of a major campaign, the ID (Identity and Democracy), call on the citizens

of their respective nations to wake up and to make this plan, aiming to dilute identities, fail.

The aim: one million signatures

ID (Identity and Democracy) Party and the AfD Party (Alternative für Deutschland) urge European citizens to use their right of petition (ECI procedure) which allows one million signatures from 7 countries to challenge a European programme.

It is necessary to put aside any divergence in the face of the enormous scope of the threat: we therefore invite other groups in the European Parliament as well as all Members of the European Parliament to join us in this democratic process.