On the 2nd of December 2019, our ID Party held the New Hope For Europe conference at the Handelsbeurs in Antwerp, Flanders.

We had the pleasure to receive our members from different parties from Flanders, France, Austria and Italy.


As well as over a thousand supporters who were present at the Handelsbeurs on the night of the 2nd of December.


Gerolf Annemans opened the event with his remarkable speech. He warned us for the systematic extinction of our cultural identity which is caused by the Europe machine. They are trying to impose migrants on us in Flanders! Faced with Macron and Merkel, we impose the voice of the people!


The event kicked off with a panel discussion between Jordan Bardella from Rassemblement National (Member Party of ID Party) and Harald Vilimsky from Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (FPÖ) – (Member Party of ID Party).


Jordan Bardella from Rassemblement National (Member Party of the ID Party) said during the panel discussion that the European Union is on its way to kill Europe. The European Union cannot function by neglecting the existence of nations. Europe has invented Nations. Make a Europe without Nations, it’s like wanting to make Europe without Europe.


Harald Vilimsky from the FPÖ (Member Party of the ID Party) who joined the panel discussion with Jordan Bardella said that we must recover the competence of Brussels towards the national parliaments! It brings about a return to direct democracy, which must take precedence over European law. People have the right to speak out!


After the panel discussion has ended, it was time to follow by a strong speech of Matteo Salvini from Lega per Salvini Premier (Member Party of ID Party) who came to the event all the way from Italy.


We had the great pleasure to receive Matteo Salvini who said in his speech that we have an obligation to pass on the culture of our ancestors to our children. That it is our duty to those who want to suppress our traditions and identities.


Tom Van Grieken, president of Vlaams Belang (Member Party of ID Party), followed with his speech by asking if we do not defend our European identity, who will? The next generation will not be able to do so because it will be a minority in its own country and on its own continent.


Congratulations to all our members for their wonderful presence and strong speeches at the Handelsbeurs in Antwerp.


A New Hope for Europe exists!


Identity and Democracy party


Take a look at some of our pictures of the event here below! 🔻