The Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedoms, and the FENL formally reject the allegations made by the website Politico.

The rule is that the European political parties, foundations and groups are credited each year a grant calculated based on the number of members they have. At the end of each year non-used funds are returned to European Parliament.

The funds that MENL has to return to the European Parliament are those, which correspond to the non-used funds. MENL and FENL voluntarily did not use their entire European budget for 2015.

This reflects the cautious nature of our management of EU funds and European taxpayers’ money.

By providing a complete dishonest explanation of the nature of this refund, the Politico website, claiming to set itself up as a moral body on European Affairs, has demonstrated its total disregard of European Regulation and financial rules for European political parties and foundations.

This article insinuating any wrongdoing is totally slanderous.

MENL reserves the right to take legal action against the website Politico because of its slanderous article organized as a political cabal against our party and our organisation.