The movement and the individual members of the political movement base their political project in conformity with the democratic principles and the charter of fundamental rights and therefore reject any past or present affiliation, connection or sympathy to any authoritarian or totalitarian project.

The ID party is convinced that the sovereignty of states and peoples, relying on the cooperation between nations, and therefore reject any policy designed to create a supra-state or supra-national model. The opposition to any transfer of national sovereignty to supranational bodies and/or European institutions is one of the fundamental principles uniting members of the ID Party.

The parties and individual MEPs of the ID Party base their political alliance on the preservation of the identity of the peoples and nations of Europe, in accordance with the specific characteristics of each people. The right to control and regulate immigration is thus a fundamental principle shared by the members of the ID Party.

The parties and individual MEPs of the ID Party recognize each other’s right to defend their specific unique economic, social, cultural and territorial models. The ID Party seeks to preserve the diversity of the political projects of its members.

The parties and individual MEPs base their political movement on defending individual freedoms and emphasising the particular importance of protecting freedom of speech amongst which digital freedoms which, today, are increasingly in jeopardy.

political projects of its members.

The ID Party considers that culture is the essence of all political action, and that only a cultural and scientific pedagogy can help to develop a political consciousness in the citizen.