All over Europe, our ideas are progressing !

The latest polls published indicate the good health of our parties.


In Flanders, the Vlaams Belang has become the greatest political party, with 24.5% of the voting intentions (18.5% in the European elections of May 26, 2019).

Our patriotic allies of Volya become the third political force in Bulgaria, with 8.7% of the voting intentions. Party leader Veselin Mareshki even climbed the third step of favorite political figures.

In Slovakia, SME Rodina is also on the podium, becoming the country's third force (11.5%). The party is part of the new government in place since March 2020.

Our Estonian allies of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia, members of their country's government for over a year, get one of their best opinion polls (22.5%)!

This good form is the proof of the validation by the citizens of the European nations of our ideas and announces the future electoral successes.


Situation in Flanders :

Situation in Bulgaria :

Situation in Slovakia :

Situation in Estonia :