MENF meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

On the 3rd of May, the MENF delegation travelled to capital city Sofia in Bulgaria.   [Read More]

Event - Sofia 3rd of May

In the context of upcoming European Elections, Gerolf Annemans (FL), the MENF President together with Marine Le Pen (FR), Radim Fiala (CZ), Ludovit Goga (SK) will travel to Sofia, Bulgaria in order to hold a MENF Meeting with Veselin Mareshki (BG), President of the Volya Party, Member of MENF.     [Read More]

Event - Prague 25th of April

The Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF) is organising an electoral event for the European Elections 2019 on the 25th of April in Prague with participation of: Tomio Okamura (CZ), Geert Wilders (NL), Marine Le Pen (FR), Gerolf Annemans (FL), Janice Atkinson (UK), Veselin Mareshki (BG). [Read More]

Press Release: European Patriots move against the Marrakesh-pact

On the 10th and the 11th of December, a UN-conference is taking place in Marrakesh where the so-called Global Compact for Migration will be signed. Together with two traditional countries of immigration, the USA and Australia, several European countries have already indicated that they will not sign this pact. [Read More]

BLOG: Voice Of Europe: Interview With The Bulgarian Trump: “We Have To Unite To Save Our Countries From The Madness Of Current Eu Leaders”

In the first of a number of interviews with European political leaders who hope to gain seats in next year’s European Parliament, Janice Atkinson MEP, talks with Volya and its enigmatic leader, Veselin Mareshki. [Read More]

Press release: European parliament turns a blind eye to human right violations in South Africa

The Movement of Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF) is organizing a conference on “The Political Situation in South Africa: Some Humans´ Rights matter more than others´ for the EU.” [Read More]

BLOG: Avoiding New Crisis in Balkans

On November 8, 2017, we organized the conference at the European Parliament with the support of the MENL. [Read More]


Pe data de 8 noiembrie 2017, am organizat, la Parlamentul European, cu susținerea MENL, conferința  Conferința i-a avut ca invitați pe dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, profesor, autor și realizator TV din SUA, și pe Roland Cătălin Pena, jurnalist român cu peste 20 de ani de experiență în analiza politicii externe. [Read More]

Krakow: Konsekwencje znowelizowanej dyrektywy w sprawie broni

30 września w Krakowie, z inicjatywy członka Ruchu na Rzecz Europy Narodów i Wolności oraz posła do Parlamentu Europejskiego Stanisława Żółtka, odbyła się europejska konferencja pt. “Konsekwencje znowelizowanej dyrektywy w sprawie broni”. [Read More]