European Seminar on European Energy Policy (Tallinn)

The Identity and Democracy Party organised a conference on EU energy policy in Tallinn on Saturday 26 November, with Martin Helme and German MEP Nicolaus Fest. The decisions taken by the European Union have accelerated the rise in energy prices and our dependence, with direct consequences for the citizens of EU member states. [Read More]

Antwerp Declaration - June 2022

The European continent stands without any doubt at an historic crossroads. Through the ‘Antwerp Declaration’, the European political party Identity and Democracy (ID Party) wants to underline the added value and superiority of the concept of national sovereignty. The cooperation of European member states within the European Union, since Brexit, has been characterised mainly and paradoxically by a far-reaching acceleration of centralisation and by the installation of a unitary state to replace the member states. The EU seizes every crisis to stealthily reinforce and speed up this evolution. This was the case with the coronavirus crisis, and it appears to be the case with the war in Ukraine as well. [Read More]

Presentation of the magazine Eidos

Gerolf Annemans presented the new ID Party magazine, Eidos, to MEPs in Strasbourg on 3 May 2022. The term "Eidos" comes from Plato's Greek conceptual and philosophical framework. Plato used it to designate the transcendent, the ideal image of our changing world.  The magazine aims to highlight ID Party events and relay the views of its members. Click here to read the magazine online       [Read More]

ID Party Youth Event (Lisbon, April 13-15)

Young people from ID Party member parties met in Lisbon from 13 to 15 April to discuss the future of Europe and to coordinate their actions in the coming months. [Read More]

China's strategic narratives and soft power engagements as a means of influence (Tallinn, March 25)

At the moment all eyes are on Ukraine and Russia but we cannot forget China´s increasing power and its will to use it. They are in it for the long game and will not stop before they are the leading global superpower. The goal of this study and presentation was to shed some light on the Chinese regime and how they see the world around them.This study by one of the leading Estonian experts on China, Dr. Märt Läänemets, focused on China´s strategic narratives, the history behind it and how the Chinese state uses its soft power to further its goals. To understand China, one must know its use of history in the contemporary environment. [Read More]

ID Party European Forum on Immigration

The Identity and Democracy party held a European Forum on Immigration in Athens on November 25 and 26. Three round tables made it possible to deepen a subject at the heart of the reflection of the ID Parti: - The migration policy led by the European Union and within the various member countries: update on the current situation - What are the costs of immigration? - The role of States in the fight against mass immigration [Read More]

ID Party brings together 150 young people in Strasbourg

On the sidelines of the European Youth Event, the Identity and Democracy party organized a meeting between young patriots. A total of 150 young people from seven different countries attended. MEPs Nicolas Bay, Susanna Ceccardi, Hervé Juvin, Tom Vandendriessche, Gunnar Beck and Thierry Mariani took the floor. [Read More]

French delegation of ID Party meets in Fréjus

The French delegation from the Identity and Democracy Party met for its return to school on September 9 and 10 in order to coordinate for the coming parliamentary year. After an introduction by our MEP Jérôme Rivière, various speakers shed particular light on the themes that will occupy the work in the coming months. Régis Le Sommier presented his report on Afghanistan, now in the hands of the Taliban. Vincent Coussedière provided valuable clarifications on the following question: "Is assimilation still an issue in European migration policies?" Finally, Christophe Gervasi put into perspective the results of the surveys carried out on the perception of immigration in the countries of the European Union. [Read More]

Nicolas Bay : "Judgment of the CJEU: new offensive by Brussels against Hungary"

On Thursday 3 June, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued a judgment rejecting the appeal brought by Hungary. The latter challenged the legitimacy of the procedure launched against her by the European Parliament, claiming in 2018 that the Hungarian government's policy threatened the rule of law. The Parliament's vote required two-thirds of the votes: the CJEU arbitrarily decided not to count the many deputies who abstained, thus validating the initiation of the procedure! [Read More]

Another Europe is possible

The Identity and Democracy party met on May 29 and 30 in Lisbon to define the contours of another Europe.  Party leaders discussed during round tables on  - A new model of European cooperation - How nations can stop massive and illegal immigration Matteo Salvini and Gerolf Annemans exchanged in livestream on "A project for another Europe". [Read More]