We Changed Our Name !


MENF – Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom is now Identity and Democracy Party (ID)

These past couple of years were incredible for MENF. We went from 26 seats in the European Parliament to 58 seats after the 2019 European Elections!


It’s time to really focus on our efforts and the first step was a change of our name.


Identity and Democracy (ID) is now a new group formed by our members in the European Parliament that include Rassemblement National, Vlaams Belang, Lega, Freiheitliche Parti Österreichs, Dansk Folkeparti, Svoboda a prima demokracie, Alternative für Deutschland, Perussuomalaiset and Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond. 


The Members of the European Parliament sit in political groups – they are not organised by nationality, but by political affiliation. There are currently 7 political groups in the European Parliament.

25 Members are needed to form a political group, and at least one-quarter of the Member States must be represented within the group. Members may not belong to more than one political group.

Some Members do not belong to any political group and are known as non-attached Members.


Our new party is called Identity and Democracy Party and has 11 Member parties; Rassemblement National, Vlaams Belang, Lega, Freiheitliche Parti Österreichs, Svoboda a prima demokracie, Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond, Nea Dexia, VOLYA, Kongres Nowej Prawicy, Sme Rodina and For Britain. 


Rest assured, our core beliefs haven’t changed at all.


We are the same people with the same great values, fighting to represent the voice of the people of Europe.


We are not giving up on our fight to remain and restore the values of Identity, Democracy, Sovereignty, Specificity and Freedom!


Keep supporting us!