The Movement of Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF) is organizing a conference on “The Political Situation in South Africa: Some Humans´ Rights matter more than others´ for the EU.”

The conference will be hosted by UK MEP Janice Atkinson: “South Africa stands on a precipice.  In 2019 they will hold national elections which could see the ANC fracture and the violent Marxists of the Economic Freedom Fighters, holding the balance of power. If this happens, South Africa is finished.”

Murders and rapes across the country are at an unprecedented level. Fifty two people are murdered every day. Each year hundreds of farmers are brutally attacked and many murdered: in the first nine months of 2017 alone 68 people were murdered, with 357 attacks.

MEP Janice Atkinson: “If this isn’t a human rights crisis, then I don’t know what it is. South Africa is a country I love. On returning from a trip there in November 2017, and during Black Monday I requested a debate in the European Parliament. Of course, they declined, as this is a parliament that favours some pet humans’ rights over others. Yet the political situation in South Africa needs to be addressed urgently and that´s why I´ve decided to organize this conference together with my colleagues.”

The guest speaker Dr Corné Mulder – chairperson of the Freedom Front Plus´ Constitutional Committee in South Africa suggests: “South Africa is a very diverse country. What should the recipe for nation building be? That is to say if you can speak of one South African nation. There was a time that we could learn many lessons from the European Union. That has changed. There are serious lessons that the nations within the EU should now learn from our experience. If you as a minority or as a nation who becomes a minority within a larger conglomeration like the EU lose the power to take your own decisions, then you should know that you destroy the future of your children and you will never again be able to rectify this at the ballot box.”

Gerolf Annemans, MEP for Vlaams Belang and President of the MENF adds: “The political parties in South Africa have demonstrated their incompetence and absenteeism over the past decades. Of course, the ANC was the dominant factor, but the so-called moderate Democratic Alliance (DA) and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of Malema are no better and bear co-responsibility for the failure of the ‘Rainbow nation’. Therefore it will be interesting to listen to the views of Corné Mulder, whose party Vryheidsfront Plus is probably the only credible hope for the rehabilitation of the white and Afrikaner community in South Africa.”

Apart from Janice Atkinson, Vice-President of ENF, the other speakers are Nicolas Bay, MEP for Front National and ENF Co-President; and Gerolf Annemans, MEP for Vlaams Belang and President of the MENF.

The conference takes place 30 January 17.00-19.00 in room PHS 7C 050, European Parliament Brussels. The event will be lived streamed via MENF on Facebook: