On the 5th of November, the ID Party held a conference “Commission Von der Leyen: The Alternative of ID” at the Port House of Antwerp with the participation of:


🔹 Mr Gerolf Annemans (President of the ID Party, Vlaams Belang)


🔹 Mr Jerome Riviere (ID Party Member, Rassemblement National)


🔹 Mrs Francesca Donato (ID Party Member, Lega per Salvini premier)


🔹 Mrs Annalisa Tardino (ID Party Member, Lega per Salvini premier)


🔹 Mr Peter Kofod (Dansk Folkeparti)


We were very honoured to receive two delegates from our new member party Lega Per Salvini Premier!


The first speaker, Mrs Francesca Donato said that the Von der Leyen Commission proposed to centralise at a EU level, even the management of migration flows excluding national governments by the control of their own borders in order to consolidate the low-wage attitude obtained through job reforms recommended to member states, this would carry out devastating consequences on national economies.


Her speech was followed by Mr Peter Kofod who underlined that in 1992 the Danish people were asked about their opinion on the Maastricht treaty, a treaty that among many other things included a common currency, a common union citizenship and a common foreign and defence policy. It was the first time the Danish people were truly presented for the real federal union ideas; A huge majority of the parties in the Danish parliament recommended a YES, but against the will of the government, and against many expectations, the Danish people rejected the EU integration and voted NO to the treaty.


Mrs Annalisa Tardino added that the problem of migration flows is one of the most difficult problems in Europe and proves that the EU is not in a position to solve an important problem for citizens. We are living a real invasion.


Finally Mr Jerome Riviere said that it is crucial that the policy of defence and security escape the logic of federalism which is marked by an element that has been the passage for the qualified majority. 


Couldn’t be there? Take a look at the pictures below.