At the moment all eyes are on Ukraine and Russia but we cannot forget China´s increasing power and its will to use it. They are in it for the long game and will not stop before they are the leading global superpower. The goal of this study and presentation was to shed some light on the Chinese regime and how they see the world around them.

This study by one of the leading Estonian experts on China, Dr. Märt Läänemets, focused on China´s strategic narratives, the history behind it and how the Chinese state uses its soft power to further its goals. To understand China, one must know its use of history in the contemporary environment.

China is an increasing threat to the world stability and it tries to use soft power - at least for now. We have to see China’s strategic narratives and stories what they want that the world would believe and secondly their soft power engagements.

With increasing military strength and more "friends" at the global level situation might make a drastic turn in the future. They have it in them to take their plans to the next level - they are just biding their time. When that day finally arrives we must be ready. Best time to take action against China was yesterday, second best time is today. For that more people need to understand Chinese mentality and that was the goal of this study.

Event was organized by Mr. Jaak Madison in Tallinn who is a member of the European Parliament and belonging to the ID Party. Mr. Peter Kofod, Danish member to the European Parliament, participated in the discussion as well. More than 40 people from Estonia where there to listen the presentation and take part in the discussion.

The study is conducted in English and can be downloaded here