While there are new sources of contamination all over Europe, it is also time to take stock : this is far from being positive for the European Union and national governments.

The crisis has had a hard impact on European populations. The count of the number of deaths in the different countries of the European Union reminds us of the extent of the mourning that has affected many families on the continent.

Confined to their homes and without freedom of movement, citizens were hit head-on in their activities. Worse, they lived months of anxiety for themselves and their loved ones, without being able to count on those who govern them. They are now afraid of being re-confined.

The occupations on the front line (nursing staff, employees working in supermarkets, etc.), already very little taken into consideration by government officials in normal times, were particularly affected.

"To govern is to foresee", according to the established formula. However, the European Union and the political leaders of the member countries, by their lack of preparation and their ideological obstinacy in borderlessness, have not been up to the task. To hide their imperiousness, they chained errors and lies.

By launching a vast campaign, Identity and Democracy Party intends to denounce the bankruptcy of the European Union and of governments by listing their mistakes. Above all, it intends to give a voice to the citizens of the Member States of the European Union by offering to give their testimony.

The French and English versions of the site are the first to have been launched : https://crisecoronavirus.eu/en/

Once again, the European Union has shown its limits. For Identity and Democracy Party, sovereign states would have been the best able to manage the crisis and reduce the dramas experienced by the populations.