The Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom held a press conference in Bratislava, Slovakia on the 13th of May with participation of Marine Le Pen (Rassemblement National, France), Boris Kollar (Sme Rodina, Slovakia), Ludovit Goga (Sme Rodina, Slovakia), Georg Mayer (FPOe, Austria), Failos Kranidiotis (Nea Dexia, Greece).


Boris Kollar, leader of the Slovak MENF Party Member Sme Rodina (We Are Family) said “We don’t want to tear the European house down, we instead want to repair it.”


Marine Le Pen, leader of RN in France, in her address said that Europe needs a major political change, claiming that the EU denies to individual nations their very existence and their own opinions.


Failos Kranidiotis, leader of the Greek Party Nea Dexia, at the conference designated globalization and neo-liberalism as the two arch-enemies of Europe.


Watch the full meeting in the video below:


Watch the speech of Ludovit Goga


Watch the speech of Marine Le Pen


Watch the speech of Failos Kranidiotis


Watch the speech of Boris Kollar

Watch the speech of Georg Mayer



For a Europe of Nations and Freedom!