On November 8, 2017, we organized the conference at the European Parliament with the support of the MENL.

The conference was attended by Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, USA professor, author and TV actor, and Roland Catalin Pena, a Romanian journalist with fish 20 years of experience in foreign policy analysis.

The conference highlighted the older and newer causes of the Balkan tensions and debated the future prospects of the countries in the region. This issue is important to be discussed and considered in the current context in which the European Union, which is seen unanimously as part of the solution, is experiencing a period of turmoil itself.

There has been much talk about the lack of stability in the Balkans, Dr. Malloch, drawing attention to the fact that the problems that arise in the Balkans are often not limited to the countries of the region. As a solution to the current problems, it was stressed the need to enhance the dialogue for peacekeeping and the promotion of economic development, both by external investment and by the stimulation of bilateral relations. An idea that has emerged is that of multilateral cooperation formations in the area for accession to a basis of Balkan unity.

The conference was a real success, capturing public interest. This was evident in the question and answer session which involved an open debate between the lecturers and the members of the European Parliament in the audience.